Nicole Kopacz

Prior to getting her masters in teaching, Nicole Kopacz was an ABO certified optician for six years.  She assisted doctors with patient histories, made and dispensed glasses as well as assisted with contact lenses.  Currently, Kopacz teaches a fifth grade class at City View Charter School, in Hillsboro Oregon.  

She uses her unique combination of teaching skills and experience in eye care to evaluate her students and to ensure they receive proper eye care.  Kopacz regularly educates parents and teachers how to detect learning related visual problems.

As a member of the Oregon Foundation for Vision Awareness board, Nicole is able to offer an educational perspective in the development of the program to better inform educators on children’s eye health issues.

The OFVA has collaboratively created an observation checklist for both parents and teachers to use to help them screen the signs and symptoms of visual concerns. The checklist can be an extremely valuable tool for educators to use when students are taking assessments throughout the year.

Screening students will become easier when teachers and educators learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of learning related vision problems. Teachers also will be able to pass on the information to parents. 

“I’ve had many successes with my own students,’’ reports Kopacz. “During my first year teaching, I found three of my students needed glasses.  At the time, all three of the students struggled with tracking words on the page which had made reading a challenge.  After 3-4 months of using reading glasses their reading levels vastly improved as well as their confidence.” 

Kopacz says “I hope that educators and parents alike use the resources provided by the OFVA so that we can better support kids academically as well as their eye health needs.”



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